Case Construction Equipment: perfection, accessible to everyone

Case Construction Equipment, better known by the short name Case is an American brand that is part of CNH Industrial and specializes in the production of construction machines. The company has been present on the market for the last 175 years, constantly improving its own products and thus creating real standards of technology. Case used excavator, served for several years, usually does not show its age, continuing to work with the same intensity as in the first days of operation.

Among the priorities of the company’s development is always a benchmark for ease of management of equipment. Most of the machines from Case Construction are really handy solutions for performing specific jobs that have the highest possible speed and intuitively understandable control contributing to quick learning.

Main product classes

Enterprises and businessmen planning to buy Case used equipment can choose devices of the following categories:

  • universal wheeled loaders, ideal for construction sites, quarries, road works;
  • backhoe loaders and crawler excavators, demonstrating good load ratings (even if Case used excavator is operated);
  • crawler dozers with exceptional tractive power;
  • wheeled and crawler mini loaders (new loading and unloading machines are usually of high cost, so most Russian consumers prefer to buy Case used backhoe loader).
  • motor graders equipped with powerful engines and capable of demonstrating the highest productivity on the site for hours on end;
  • telescopic loading systems, characterized by excellent stability, low boom position, optimal visibility.

By purchasing Case production, you can be sure that it will not fail at the most crucial moment. And this statement applies to any solutions of this brand, including Case used equipment.

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CASE 580SR-4PT backhoe loader


Price: EUR 20.900
incl. 19% VAT excl. shipping costs
Tire condition – 50%.
1st. Folding bucket 4×1. 3st. Buckets