Sale of used industrial equipment from Europe (Germany)

If you did not find any sale of used equipment from Europe, contact us by mail or telephone +49-721-47-00-70-10 for the latest information. You can leave a request for the search for necessary equipment or a notification of the availability of equipment in stock.

LEOMASCHINEN offers Russian and CIS entrepreneurs the acquisition of high-quality proven working equipment for installation in manufacturing and factory workshops. Industrial used equipment is supplied from Europe and can be used on sites:

  • pulp and paper industry;
  • polygraphic sphere;
  • medical industry;
  • aluminum production.
  • electricity production

In the company’s catalogs there are both popular techniques and highly specialized solutions of the supported equipment. In particular, there are machines for working with paper, foil and laminate, gas turbines/motors for energy production, diaper production lines, etc.

Advantages of buying used equipment

In addition to the fact that the purchase of non-new products, and used in Germany, is guaranteed to have a saving effect, such investments seem to be profitable for several reasons.

  • European industrial used equipment is guaranteed to work.
  • Given that the factories in Europe always follow the rules and safety techniques, we can talk about the proper operation of machinery, without excessive loads and critical conditions.
  • If the machines are marked “Made in Germany”, then they have an ideal assembly, are designed for a long operating period.

We offer to buy industrial used equipment with our help and at reasonable prices.

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Machine for the production flat & satchel paper bags


Manzoni seriana 31
Bag width: 80-310 mm
Bag length: 200-620 mm
Bag side width: 50-150 mm
Cutting length: 220-640 mm
The machine is completely renovated, 2019.
Available for inspection in April 2019.

Usimeca Kom 9.245 winder


It is a Usimeca, in an excellent condition, can be picked up immediately and ready to produce.
The offer of today is 23.700, – € Exworks Germany.


Baby diaper production line

269.000 199.000

Produced in 1999.
Founded in 2000, the line was only used for 2 years.
Specification, photos and diagram – attached
Reduced price: 199.000, – Euro
“Ex-location” EUROPE. Expenses for dismantling, packing, loading, customs duties for land exports approx. 20,000 euros plus payment for the transport from the seaport to your seaport in 3 to 4 containers x 40 ‘.


Computed Tomography


MRT. The system is in very good technical and optical condition.
Price 58.750 Euro
ex Warehouse Germany

If you are seriously interested in further details, please inquire.

Country Clinic

Country Clinic


The price of a Country Clinic with 10 beds as basic model amounts to approx. 2.5 million Euro including the entire medical facility, the drinking water system SWS, the entire energy supply with battery storage for night operation, as well as initial clarification of our project manager on site to clarify important details and the transport to the port of Hamburg, Rotterdam etc.


Kampf model RKW 3 Kom. 9.254

Kampf model RKW 3 Kom. 9.254
Max. working width 800 mm
Unwind up to 800 mm diameter
Unwind brake
Center contact rewinder with 2 rewinds
Max. rewind diameter 420 mm 76 mm airshafts
Edge control
AS is fully in function or completely overhauled with new drives and controls
All offers are subject to prior sales. Technical Data, equipment and parts are subject to final Confirmation


Kampf UNICON 22-100 Kom. MR04

Year 2008
Max. web width: 2250 mm
Max. unwind diameter 1300 mm
Max. finished reel diameter 1000 mm
Max. speed 800m/min


BIMEC slitter Kom.9.273

Year of manufacturing: 1989
Max. web width: 2000 mm
Max. unwind diameter 1000 mm
Max. finished reel diameter 600 mm
Shaftless Unwinder with hydr. lifting
Max speed 600m/min
Brake on the unwinder
Optical edge control
Machine is in excellent condition!!
Machine is available with the original drives and controls, or completely modernized with AC technology, new
Siemens plc, Touchscreen, etc.