Sale of pre-owned trucks from Europe

Drivers of pre-owned heavy-duty vehicles are well aware of the advantages of models from different manufacturers. But when reliability is in priority, here the choice is precise – the best pre-owned trucks are supplied from Europe. This is the place were the most modern high-tech companies are concentrated, whose equipment wins international competitions and is even used in the armies of different countries.

Advantages of trucks manufactured in Europe.

Our company offers a wide range of pre-owned trucks, including Man and Mercedes. These vehicles have a small haulage and have all the necessary qualities:

  • sufficient carrying load and body capacity allows solving any transportation problems;
  • combination of high capacity of power unit and its efficiency makes it possible to transport goods with minimal costs;
  • all units of German pre-owned trucks are made with strict observance of factory technology and have large operational life;
  • exhaust gas treatment system meets modern international environmental requirements;
  • comfortable cab with ergonomic operation controls arrangement and climate control provides the driver with the most comfortable working conditions.

The fact that you can buy original parts or repair the car in the branded service center when it breaks is of great importance for owners of cars from Europe. And of course, the main advantage of pre-owned trucks is the price, which is much lower than that of the new ones.

You can order and buy the model of pre-owned trucks you are interested in with the required technical specifications by sending us a request on the website, by telephone mail or e-mail. We provide all necessary technical documentation to register the vehicle.

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MAN SX45 8x8 recovery truck

2 x MAN SX45 8×8 recovery truck – 40135

Man SX45 32.430 8×8 RHD recovery trucks. Choice of two trucks currently available, these are the latest release from the British army and built to a high specification. The two trucks that we have are both in excellent condition with only 20,000 kilometres.