2,000 kWA Diesel engine generator (2MW), 2 Units available

Original price: USD 1,550,000 / each
Current price: USD 950,000 / each CIF Buyer’s Main Port.
Condition: Although the machine has not been used yet, the Japanese Government bought the units in 2011 to deal with the Big Earthquake, but because the power grid was recovered quickly, it was not needed, and now for sale in its current ”AS IS” condition.
Payment Term: 100% by TT Seller’s bank after signing the contract.
Delivery: In one 40FT container (each machine)


1. Generator
(1) Quantity 1 (2 Machines are the same and complete)
(2) Standard Specifications
Model: 7M4056
Applicable standards: IEC
Protection: IP23
Phase number and current: 3 phases 4 lines
Output current: 2,000kVA
Delay power factor: 80%
Standard Type: Continuous
Frequency: 50Hz
Pole number: 4P
Rotation speed: 1,500 / minˉ1
Rated voltage: 415V
Electricity Storage level: 2.782A
Excitation method: Self-exciting (MPG)
Insulation type: H type
Space heaters: Yes – 1DIA 200 V 500 W

2. Engine,
(1) Quantity 1
(2) Name: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries S16R-Y1PTAA2-3
(3) Format: 4-cycle water-cooled motor
(4) Specifications: 1,763kW Output (Prime)
Rated speed: 1,500minˉ1
Number of cylinders: 16
Cylinder diameter: 170mm
Journey: 180mm
Oil tank capacity: 230L
Effective lubricant: 60L
Start method: Electric motor
Cooling method: Separate radiator cooling method
Fuel used: Light oil
Fuel consumption: 415 L / H (Normal operation)
Lubricating oil: 1.6 L / H (Normal operation)
Cooling water heater: Yes (1ɸ200V9.0kW)

3. Generator control panel
(1) Quantity 1 (Mounted on generator)
(2) Name: KOHLER Decision Maker 550 Controller
Equipped with EVR function
Digital meter

4. Generator auxiliary equipment
Battery charger for starting (1 unit): 1 ɸ 200 V 50 Hz 5.1 A
Exhaust fans (2 units): 3 ɸ 380-415V 50Hz 15Kw

Radiator fan (2): 3 ɸ 380-415V 50Hz 18.7kW
Battery (attached to the device): DC24V200Ah
* Ventilators and radiators are powered by generators.
* External power supply is 1 ɸ 200V. Capacity of about 15 kW.

5. Generator:
Weight: 28,600 kg (WET)
* This weight does not include silencer
Case size: Height 2,896 mm
: Length 12,192mm
: Width 2,438 mm