SOLD: 5 (five) UNUSED FT-8 Mobile PAC Gas turbine 30 MW

  • Installed in 14 countries worldwide
  • Provides reliable power ranging from single-unit applications to multi-unit sites
  • 30 MW mobile power plant
  • Environmentally compliant
  • Easily installed within a small footprint with minimal site requirements
  • EU and GOST certified
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Type Self Contained Mobile Power Plant
Turbine Pratt & Whitney FT-8
Fuel Dual Fuel (Natural Gas and Diesel)
Output ISO 30MW Each
Phase 3
Hertz 50/60
Voltage 11,500/13,800
Year Of Manufacture 2018
Operating Hours ZERO
Auxiliaries Complete packages
Ex Works USA
Availability Ready To Ship Two Weeks ARO


Here’s a list of  other key items needed to quote:

  • Greenfield or Brownfield site
  • Fuel type ( provided fuel analysis)
  • 1 Line Drwg
  • Site photo ( coordinates)
  • Frequency
  • Voltage
  • Dry or Water Injected
  • Environmental restrictions
  • Ambient site conditions ( elevation, temp, humidity, seismic zone)
  • Mode of operation
  • Closest substation and Interconnects
  • BOP already at site
  • Accessibility to site
  • Permitting status
  • Expected commission date
  • If spare parts list  needed ( consumables and/or operational spares)
  • Transportation/Insurance quote to project site or designated port
  • Customer/End user Tax ID
  • Bank Letter verifying funding capability