Sale of used factories and industrial plants from Europe (Germany)

If you did not find any sale of used factory from Europe, contact us by mail or telephone +49-721-47-00-70-10 for the latest information. You can leave a request for the search for necessary equipment or a notification of the availability of equipment in stock.

We help to buy an old factory with modernization

LEOMASCHINEN specializes in the supply of industrial used factories and industrial used equipment from Germany. We sell various production complexes on customer’s request

  • asphalt, asphalt mixing and asphalt used factories;
  • concrete mixing stations;
  • used gas turbines;
  • working power stations and gas generators;
  • full and mini concrete used plants.

In addition to the implementation of systems and equipment, a whole range of related services is offered. Customers who plan to buy asphalt used plant or any other enterprise, options for dismantling, transportation, repair, maintenance of machines and machines are available. In addition, if necessary, asphalt plant components can be upgraded in accordance with the customer’s requests: equipped with innovative drives, safety equipment, etc.

German used generators, power stations, machines and production complexes are considered to be among the best in Europe, so their purchase is justified even if you are not buying a new product, but already started to be used abroad.

In favor of buying a used power plant, used gas generators or buy a used concrete plant from Germany testify to their characteristics:

  • high quality of manufacturing and assembly;
  • working capacity of all units and systems;
  • manufacturer’s guaranteed service life;
  • availability of opportunities for subsequent maintenance of equipment, its repair.

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48MW Pratt & Whitney FT8

YoM: 1995
Fuel: Dual (Gas and Oil)
1st Unit
Gas Turbine
Power Plant Gas Turbine: PW FT8-1 Twin Pac (Double-Connection), Year: 1995
Power: 48MW
Voltage: 11kV
Hours: 18,000 Hours
Other Parts: Transformer, 110kV Up-Voltage Plant, Discharge Oil Pump,
Sewage Oil Pump, Fuel Oil Pump Room (MCC), year: 2010, hours: 10 Hours

SOLD: 12.9 MW 2017 Siemens SGT 400 Natural Gas Turbine 2017

With full warranty BRAND NEW (from a cancelled project)
• Combustor Standard: Dual Fuel DLE
• Power: 12,9MW and 50Hz
• Testing: Factory tested
• Hours Operation: No operational running
• Storage Location: EMEA
• Delivery: FAS port of export
Price: Upon request
Delivery : Immediate
*5 Siemens SGT 400 Natural Gas Turbines Available

SOLD: 5 (five) UNUSED FT-8 Mobile PAC Gas turbine 30 MW

  • Installed in 14 countries worldwide
  • Provides reliable power ranging from single-unit applications to multi-unit sites
  • 30 MW mobile power plant
  • Environmentally compliant
  • Easily installed within a small footprint with minimal site requirements
  • EU and GOST certified

SOLD: Mini power plant with turbine gas


In 695 hours this was produced: 18.4MW of electricity


Rolls Royce RB211-24G 24872 KW Gas Generator, Dual Fuel Out Of Stock

SOLD: Rolls Royce RB211-24G 24872 KW Gas Generator, Dual Fuel

Rolls Royce RB211-24G 24872 KW Gas Generator, Dual Fuel

Dual Fuel means the turbine can be operated with either gas or diesel. After the last complete overhaul, the turbine has only run for 7000 hours, Ie the turbine is in optimum condition.

6 x New – 17,55 MW, three fuel GAS / DFO / LFO

6 x New – 17,55 MW, three fuel GAS / DFO / LFO

The units have electrical efficiency of 47.2%.

It is also of great advantage that TRI Fuel Units, i.e. the units can be operated both heavy fuel (HFO), diesel and also gas.