Sale of used commercial and public transport from Europe (Germany)

If you did not find any sale of used transport from Europe, contact us by mail or telephone +49-721-47-00-70-10 for the latest information. You can leave a request for the search for necessary equipment or a notification of the availability of equipment in stock.

Purchase of used transport in Russia in the company LEOMASCHINEN is the best option. We have an office in Germany and we deliver from there the qualitative technique of the commercial and public sector:

  • large city buses;
  • trucks for moving large quantities of products;
  • specialized evacuation machines;
  • compact helicopters;
  • ATVs and capacious cars.

With our help, you can always buy commercial used transports of suitable quality and at an affordable price.

Advantages of German technique

Every consumer who plans to buy used transport is aware that the best solution is a Japanese, American or European car, since it is in these regions of the planet that the most reliable means of transportation are produced.

We help to buy loading, public used transport for a variety of purposes. All machines with the label “Made in Germany” are characterized by high quality, excellent performance, reliability of each working element, as well as a long service life, even under heavy loads.

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54 City busses For Sale

City busses Van Hool

54 City busses For Sale
Brand: Van Hool
Type A600 / A308 / A300 /300/1 DAF & MAN Engine
Year 2001

MAN SX45 8x8 recovery truck

2 x MAN SX45 8×8 recovery truck – 40135

Man SX45 32.430 8×8 RHD recovery trucks. Choice of two trucks currently available, these are the latest release from the British army and built to a high specification. The two trucks that we have are both in excellent condition with only 20,000 kilometres.

Helicopters BK117 B2

Helicopters BK117 B2


Type S/N Call‐Sign Price (excluding VAT)
Terms of Trade:
BK117 B2 7096 D‐HILF 1.100.000,‐ EUR
BK117 B2 7185 D‐HIMB 1.130.000,‐ EUR
BK117 B2 7246 D‐HTTT 1.100.000,‐ EUR
BK117 B2 7248 D‐HWWW 1.130.000,‐ EUR
BK117 B2 7094 D‐HDRF 1.100.000,- EUR
BK117 B2 7164 D‐HDDD 1.100.000,-EUR

Mercedes-Benz-250-G-Wagon-40163 Out Of Stock

Mercedes Benz 250 G Wagon – 40163


Mercedes Benz 250 G Wagon
As is price: €uro 18.900.00 per unit ex. works / Prepared price:
€uro 19.900.00 per unit ex. works