Sale of pre-owned helicopters and air transport from Europe

Choosing a vehicle, the buyer wants to get a device with which one can quickly and easily move to any point. Buying pre-owned helicopter from Europe is the best option for distances of several hundred kilometers. Our company carries out delivery of rotary-wing vehicles which are in excellent technical condition.

We offer to buy cheap pre-owned helicopter for both individuals and companies with different activity specifics. With the help of the helicopter it is possible to:

  • use helicopter for rescue operations in hard-to-reach places;
  • survey remote industrial sites;
  • make aerial photography;
  • monitor the condition of agricultural land.

The main advantage of our offer is the affordable price of the pre-owned helicopter.  Herewith you get compact aircraft with relatively low fuel consumption that does not require specially equipped landing site. Our experts engaged in the sale of pre-owned helicopter, are always ready to assist on payment and transportation to the buyer, and prompt how to obtain the necessary permits and flight documentation.

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Helicopters BK117 B2

Helicopters BK117 B2


Type S/N Call‐Sign Price (excluding VAT)
Terms of Trade:
BK117 B2 7096 D‐HILF 1.100.000,‐ EUR
BK117 B2 7185 D‐HIMB 1.130.000,‐ EUR
BK117 B2 7246 D‐HTTT 1.100.000,‐ EUR
BK117 B2 7248 D‐HWWW 1.130.000,‐ EUR
BK117 B2 7094 D‐HDRF 1.100.000,- EUR
BK117 B2 7164 D‐HDDD 1.100.000,-EUR