Helicopters BK117 B2


Type S/N Call‐Sign Price (excluding VAT)
Terms of Trade:
BK117 B2 7096 D‐HILF 1.100.000,‐ EUR
BK117 B2 7185 D‐HIMB 1.130.000,‐ EUR
BK117 B2 7246 D‐HTTT 1.100.000,‐ EUR
BK117 B2 7248 D‐HWWW 1.130.000,‐ EUR
BK117 B2 7094 D‐HDRF 1.100.000,- EUR
BK117 B2 7164 D‐HDDD 1.100.000,-EUR



Condition: „as is where is“
Delivery Terms: EXW Karlsruhe/ Baden Airport (FKB)
Availability: from January 2018
C of A for Export: will be issued by DRF Foundation Air Rescue non‐profit AG Visit of examination: possible in Germany upon request
Payment: TBD (e.g. with non refundable letter of credit on a German Bank)
With equity capital of at least 30% of the purchase price, financing or leasing could be possible with a good credit rating
All prices plus VAT (if applicable).