Sale of pre-owned asphalt and concrete mixing plants from Europe

The price and quality of construction materials determine, respectively, the cost of construction, and their durability. We propose their individual manufacturing using asphalt and concrete mixing plants. It will allow be independent of the supplier and guarantee high reliability of the constructed objects (buildings, roads).

In order to minimize transport costs, this equipment is beneficial to use in the construction site, so when it is completed, the need for asphalt cement complex disappears and it is sold. Our company provides the opportunity to buy pre-owned asphalt mixing plant, supplied from Europe. All equipment possesses a large stock of resource, is in excellent technical condition and is capable to perform qualitatively the functions.

Main equipment units

Operation principle of concrete and asphalt mixing plants has many elements with similar functions:

  • batches for primary components dosing (cement, sand, gravel, bitumen);
  • conveyors for raw materials feeding;
  • drying cylinder;
  • design to capture the heated gases and remove the solids contained therein;
  • concrete mixing unit;
  • mixer for prepared components mixing;
  • batch for finished products storage.

Here you can buy concrete mixing plant, all components of which meet modern technical requirements. The production process is automated and controlled from the computer control room. This ensures safety, high production efficiency and excellent quality of the final product with the desired properties.

When ordering the equipment at us, you can be sure that the low price of asphalt mixing plant will allow recouping your expenses on laying of new roads and construction of facilities.

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