Sale of used rinks from Europe (Germany) with delivery across Russia and the CIS

If you did not find any sale of used rinks from Europe, contact us by mail or telephone +49-721-47-00-70-10 for the latest information. You can leave a request for the search for necessary equipment or a notification of the availability of equipment in stock.

You can buy a used rink for asphalt with all accompanying documentation. This is the best solution for beginners and economical entrepreneurs.

With our help, you can buy a used double-roll rink with the following features:

  • operated at German companies;
  • available in working condition, suitable for use on the roads of the Russian Federation and the CIS;
  • realized at a reduced cost, as a technique used in the past (usually the price is more affordable for a rink than for new equipment);
  • characterized by German quality and able to serve a large amount of time.

Applying for an asphalt road used rink, each buyer can count on the delivery of products at the location. We will select the equipment that corresponds to the client’s requests, prepare it for shipment and transport with maximum safety of transportation.

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