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The Country Clinic, or Mobile (field) clinic —is an innovative project based on German and Swiss know-how and advanced technologies. All the equipment of the clinic corresponds to the most modern German developments in the field of medicine. Based on individual requirements, each regional Medical Center can be equipped with devices for physicians-therapists, dentists, radiologists and other numerous devices. All major equipment is presented in an integrated laboratory. In addition, the pharmacy will become an integral part of every Mobile Hospital.

In developing countries basic medical care is not offered to the majority of the population. The mobile (field) clinic makes it possible to correct this situation in the provinces of many states. For this, a revolutionary clinic was developed, which includes a solar power plant and an additional system for training personnel. In the future, the project will be developed and expanded together with the partners’ experts. This will happen in cooperation with German and Swiss, as well as other European clinics with the help of technically competent institutions and, for example, telemedicine devices.

Project Mobile (field) hospital


The innovative concept of the clinic is “turnkey”, which can be opened in any city for a minimum period of time and is equipped for independent medical operations. Advanced medical devices and fittings are included in the complete set of basic equipment.

German and Swiss innovations

Basic medical care is not provided in many regions of the world. People do not have access to medical services and essential drugs, especially in rural areas of small towns and villages remote from centers.

Mobile clinic will change everything!

Now it is possible to open small and low-cost medical centers – similar to polyclinics – where they are urgently needed. Ambulatory public health institutions, such as the Mobile Clinic, provide basic medical care. Most people with acute and chronic diseases, injuries, wounds, etc., will be able to undergo diagnostics and treatment, including delivery, in a similar clinic. These means of service are necessary, since the centers and hospitals in large cities are overcrowded, the distances are very long and the waiting time is too long.

Types of health institutions

New or requiring modernization, re-equipment, reconstruction of the institution:

  • university, general hospitals;
  • diagnostic centers, polyclinics, private clinics;
  • primary health care centers;
  • centers of heart surgery and transplantation;
  • maternity homes and children’s polyclinics;
  • military hospitals;
  • dialysis departments;
  • mobile field hospitals;
  • integrated laboratories for the treatment of transmitted diseases (e.g. HIV / AIDS).
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