Sale of used pulp and paper equipment from Europe (Germany)

If you did not find any sale of used equipment from Europe, contact us by mail or telephone +49-721-47-00-70-10 for the latest information. You can leave a request for the search for necessary equipment or a notification of the availability of equipment in stock.

LEOMASCHINEN supplies high-quality european pulp and paper equipment to the Russian market. A more economical option is to buy paper industry used equipment from Europe, which has spent some time on safe, clean and observing all the rules of operation of machinery and enterprises. It demonstrated consistency in the performance of a particular work and can be used in any future similar production sites in the world.

Created by the best engineers of developed countries, European equipment is capable of:

  • demonstrate high efficiency;
  • carry out their work smoothly, efficiently and with considerable loads;
  • operate for a long period of time.

Until the end of the service life, German technology almost always completes without excesses and force majeure, due to which it is in great demand in Russia.

We supply the equipment for paper production, which is most often requested in Russia and the CIS, namely:

  • automatic diagonal-cutting machines that cut materials using a system of knives mounted on a carriage;
  • highly productive paper and cardboard cutting machines that allow the creation of sheets with specified dimensions;
  • unwinding and twisting machines that perform unwinding of rolled raw materials and its preparation before subsequent processing.

All equipment has an acceptable appearance and is ready to be launched immediately after installation.

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Usimeca winder

It is a Usimeca, in an excellent condition, can be picked up immediately and ready to produce.

Rollenschneider-Kampf-UNICON-22-100-Kom-MR04 Out Of Stock

Kampf UNICON 22-100

Year 2008
Max. web width: 2250 mm
Max. unwind diameter 1300 mm
Max. finished reel diameter 1000 mm
Max. speed 800m/min


BIMEC slitter

Year of manufacturing: 1989
Max. web width: 2000 mm
Max. unwind diameter 1000 mm
Max. finished reel diameter 600 mm
Shaftless Unwinder with hydr. lifting
Max speed 600m/min
Brake on the unwinder
Optical edge control
Machine is in excellent condition!!
Machine is available with the original drives and controls, or completely modernized with AC technology, new
Siemens plc, Touchscreen, etc.