Sale of pre-owned rewinding machine from Europe.

In many branches of industry and trade, there are processes where film and rolled materials are applied. Rewinding machine is required for their processing, storage and further use. For today the most modern equipment of such type is made abroad. Enterprises in Europe are selling pre-owned winding equipment that has retained excellent technical characteristics. Unwinding and winding machines from Europe have a steady demand in the second market.

European quality of rewinding equipment

Popularity of such rewinding and winding machines stems from the fact that they have not yet developed its resource and provide excellent quality. Our company is ready to offer a wide range of modern devices for winding of different materials: paper, film, foil. Detailed consideration of the technical characteristics and capabilities of rewinding equipment from Europe confirms its high efficiency:

  • European build and debugging quality of pre-owned machines for paper winding warrants the outstanding continuous operation throughout the day, allowing to maximize the ratio of computer time. If technical process at your enterprise goes without stops, then you will appreciate such ability of paper rewinding machine.
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic drive in the roll rewinding machine is responsible for smooth start and braking, eliminating the possibility of web rupture.
  • High winding speed warranties all provided winding equipment the declared performance.
  • The use of unique closed-loop technology with additional shafts in the unwinding machines, creates the required tension and pressing of the film material.
  • Probability of air bubbles formation is minimized in all European film and paper winding machines.
  • Special control system for the edge alignment makes the work of automatic film rewinding machines very accurate. This greatly facilitates the further use of the coils.
  • Different cutting techniques (disc, straight or oblique blade) are used depending on the web type, which reduces waste.
  • High level of automation of the winding process. Different sensors control speed, shift, density and other parameters. Control of paper or film unwinding machine is carried out with a programmable device that allows setting the desired mode for any type of film material.

Among the offered equipment you will find both universal and specialized units, as for example, the machine to rewind defective rolls or foil winding machine (it uses other types of shafts and more sensitive tension control system).

All equipment which we sell is certified and has necessary technical documentation. You can order equipment for rewinding rolled materials at the affordable price directly on the website or by contacting our specialists by phone.

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