Kampf model RKW 3

Kampf model RKW 3 Kom. 9.254
Max. working width 800 mm
Unwind up to 800 mm diameter
Unwind brake
Center contact rewinder with 2 rewinds
Max. rewind diameter 420 mm 76 mm airshafts
Edge control
AS is fully in function or completely overhauled with new drives and controls
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Kampf RKW3 Com. 9.254
Max. Working width 800 mm
Unwinding Up to 800 mm Ø
unwind brake
Center contact reeling 2 winder
Max. Roll-up Ø 420 mm
76 mm take-up shafts (pneum.)
edge control
In the actual state, fully in function
Completely overhauled with new drive

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